Staff Veterinarian
$70,120.96 - $105,181.44 Annually
78227, TX
Job Type
4C Full-Time
Animal Care Services
Job Number
5/1/2021 11:59 PM Central
Grant Funded
FLSA Status
Job Summary

Under general direction, is responsible for performing veterinarian services in the City's Animal Care Program. Performs examinations on animals brought into the animal care facility; ensures animals receive appropriate vaccinations; performs spay and neuter surgeries; and prescribes euthanasia for severely injured or sick animals.  Advises citizens on rabies control procedures and works directly with animal bite investigations division to help direct victims and their physicians. Working conditions are in a kennel environment with frequent exposure to laboratory conditions including hazardous materials, unfavorable fumes and odors, and working with animal body fluids and infectious diseases.  Exercises technical supervision over assigned staff.

This position is an "unclassified" position and has no disciplinary appeal rights to the Municipal Civil Service Commission. This position is likewise subject to at-will employment status and can be terminated at any time for any reason.


Essential Job Functions


  • Answers questions from the public pertaining to veterinary public health issues, City ordinances, and State laws dealing with animal control.
  • Examines all impounded animals and prescribes euthanasia for severely sick or injured animals.
  • Lifts and carries animals weighing up to 50 pounds to secure in cages or place on examination tables, and assists with team lifts for animals weighing over 50 pounds.
  • Triages, stabilizes, and medically manages critical patients.
  • Ensures all animals receive appropriate vaccinations if indicated.
  • Advises victims of animal bites on the correct procedures to follow to ensure their personal safety.
  • Certifies animals in rabies quarantine to be free of rabies, and in the case of deceased animals, ensures specimens are prepared and forwarded to the state lab for testing.
  • Performs high quality high volume spay and neuter surgeries, and surgical procedures such as enucleations, amputations, wound repairs, etc.
  • Prepares and conducts in-service training for animal care staff members.
  • Performs duties in the adoption of pets; makes decisions on which animals are medically eligible for adoption. 
  • Oversees duties to include, but not limited to, vaccinations, parasite control, and basic in-house diagnostics.
  • Follows up on requests for information from City Council and citizen groups.
  • Attends advisory board meetings, staff meetings, and committee meetings.
  • Responds to citizen complaints.
  • Examines and inspects carriage company facilities.
  • Implements policies and programs related to shelter medicine and staff training.
  • Performs necropsies for cruelty cases and as necessary.
  • Testifies in court on animal related cases as necessary.
  • Maintains a Texas State License in good standing and adequate continuing education.
  • Performs related duties and fulfills responsibilities as required.


Job Requirements


  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • Must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the State of Texas.
  • Experience as a practicing Veterinarian is highly desirable.
  • Experience in performing HQHV spay/neuter surgeries is highly desirable.
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working with companion animals in a clinical setting, general practice, emergency clinic, and/or animal shelter.
  • If selected for this position, official transcripts, diplomas, certifications and licenses must be submitted at the time of processing.  Unofficial transcripts and copies of other relevant documents may be attached to the application for consideration in advance.
  • Please be advised that if selected for this position, information regarding employment history as it relates to the qualifications of the position will be needed for employment verification. Applicants claiming military service to meet the experience requirement for this position may attach a DD214 to the application.
  • Unless otherwise stated, applicants are permitted to substitute two years of related full-time experience for one year of higher education or one year of related higher education for two years of experience in order to meet the minimum requirements of the job. One year of full-time experience is defined as 30 or more hours worked per week for 12 months.  One year of higher education is defined as 30 credit hours completed at an accredited college or university.
  • Applicants selected for employment with the City of San Antonio in this position must receive satisfactory results from pre-employment drug testing and background checks.  If required for the position, a physical, motor vehicle record evaluation, and additional background checks may be conducted.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • Knowledge of veterinary medical procedures, techniques, methods, and practices.
  • Knowledge of current shelter medicine practices.
  • Knowledge of State, Federal, and local laws and ordinances pertaining to animal control.
  • Knowledge of animal control facility functions, to include feeding and sanitation procedures.
  • Knowledge of public health and rabies education procedures.
  • Knowledge of basic supervisory practices, methods, and procedures.
  • Knowledge of animal immunology procedures, techniques, and practices.
  • Knowledge of animal control safety procedures and practices.
  • Knowledge of surgical procedures, methods, practices, and techniques and skill in performing high volume neuter/spay surgeries.
  • Ability to work effectively under stressful situations.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with City staff and the general public.
  • Ability to perform veterinary medical examinations on animals and determine if euthanasia is appropriate and required.
  • Ability to perform all the physical requirements of the position, with or without accommodations.